Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow Days!

Last weekend, we got hit with a monster snow storm. My parents were visiting for the weekend, and got snowed in with us (obviously, they were really disappointed to spend a whole extra day with the grandbabies). We got a ludicrous amount of snow dumped on us in a 24 hour period, and all had fun playing in the snow on Sunday (and then Hubby and my dad had less fun shoveling on Monday).

Everyone got in on the fun!
The Things are maybe coming around to the idea of snow. Our first attempt, last month, involved Thing 2 crying hysterically the instant her hands touched the snow. You could just hear her thoughts: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What is this stuff!?!?! It's wet and COLD!!! Why are they torturing me like this?" This time, we doubled up on the mittens and tried to show them that it was fun to wander around in a blizzard. We pulled them in their sleds, let them walk around (and fall down) on their own a bit, watched Mischa romp in the snow, and then hurried back inside to warm up again. I think we did a pretty good job! We didn't stay out too long, but I think they got a good taste of winter.

At the Botanic Garden
Mom and I also made it out to the Chicago Botanic Garden with the Things on Saturday, before the storm hit, and I know they had fun there! We let them loose to run around outside and explore. Even though there weren't any blooming plants to see, they loved walking on the paths. The only complaints we got were when we tried to pack them up to go home. It's a really good thing there were two of us there--it's hard to keep up with both of them!

The snow storm has put a dent in my plans to run outside, so I've been back at the track this week, but I'm making the best of it. I actually had a great run last night--I got my runner's high during the run, and was able to just run and enjoy myself. I probably looked a little funny, running around with a goofy grin on my face, but it was just one of those runs where everything just clicks. It was nice to have a reminder of why I like running so much!

Goal progress: Last month, I managed to run a total of 26.51 miles (less than I'd like, but not too bad, considering I spent the first half of the month recovering from my surgery). I'm not worried about being behind, since I'm sure I'll make it up once the weather improves. I'm starting out right on track this month, getting in 6 miles so far. Hopefully, the snow will melt soon, and I'll be able to keep it up! I'm at 32.51 miles for the year so far...only 467.49 more to go!

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