Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Baby Snooze Button

I've decided that white noise machines are basically snooze buttons for babies. Both the Things have them in their cribs, and have been able to turn them on by themselves for a while now. The other morning, I walked past their door and heard someone stirring. Then, I heard the white noise come on. Clearly, they'd decided it wasn't time to wake up yet, and hit the magic button to get a little more shut-eye. It's their little way of saying "just 5 more minutes, mom." These kids looooooooove their sleep (and I love them for that)!

Along with loving their sleep, the Things are really developing their personalities these days. They love to
Oh, the snuggles!
snuggle and give excellent hugs. (Though Thing 2 only wants to give them on her terms. If you ask for a hug when she doesn't want to give it, she'll say "No!" and give you her best "talk to the hand" brush off.) They would happily sit on your lap for hours, reading books. (Or possibly, just the same book on an endless loop.) They've discovered how much fun it is to spin around until you get dizzy and fall over. (Thing 1 prefers to let you do the leg work for him, then totters around like a drunk man, giggling hysterically and demands that you do it again.) They like to accessorize. (Sunglasses and chewbeads are the current favorites, although your watches and bracelets are fair game.) They think Mischa has the best toys, and really want to play with her. (She's not entirely sure about the prospect, but is warming to the idea of having 2 additional pairs of hands to pet her and throw toys for her.)

Epic meltdown.
They're not all giggles and snuggles right now, though. They have their fair share of meltdowns and temper tantrums. Thing 1 acts like you're trying to kill him when you try to brush his teeth. Thing 2 bites anything that makes her mad: her highchair, the toy she just tripped on, the table she bumped into, her brother... And, don't get me started on the bubble bath. (Long story short: we tried to give them a bubble bath last weekend. They lost their little minds.) Fortunately, Hubby and I think they're kinda funny when they're so upset. We're doing a pretty good job of keeping our cool when the munchkins get all fired up, and their freak outs usually don't last very long. (Knock on wood.)

And, where do things stand on the running front? I'm doing pretty well at getting back into the routine, and have actually worked out every day for over a week now! On days when I'm not running, I've been doing yoga, in the hopes of regaining some of the flexibility I've lost. I can already tell that I'm getting stronger, and I'm curious to see how I progress. I've also managed to work some morning runs in recently, which has been a nice change to the routine. We'll see if I manage to keep that one going, though... I do love my sleep!

On the resolution front: I've run 22.51 miles so far, so I've got 477.49 left to go! I also passed the 1,600 mile mark (since I started using the Nike+ app to track my miles in July, 2010), which made me happy. If I meet my goal of 500 miles this year, I ought to be able to break the 2,000 mile mark!

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