Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taking it Back

As you may remember, last fall I had a really hard time with my first post-babies half marathon. I built that race up in my mind to something so important that I let myself get completely overwhelmed with anxiety on race morning. That's something I'm still working hard on. I know it's not an overnight fix, but my race anxiety is slowly but surely getting better.

I found out earlier this year that this year was going to be the final running of the Indianapolis Marathon (and half marathon and 5k) at Fort Benjamin Harrison. Since it was my goal race last year, and the race I set my PR at in 2012, a part of me really wanted to be involved in the race. The sane part of me knew that it would be a recipe for disaster to sign up to run the half marathon again. If I'd already built the race up in my mind last year, just imagine how much worse it would be running that race for the last time ever!!! I knew that it wasn't smart to sign up for the half marathon. I'd beat myself up if I couldn't finish it again, and the stress of worrying about whether I'd finish would sabotage me before the race even started.

But, I couldn't miss the race entirely! After lots of discussion, Hubby and I agreed to run the 5k together. I'd still get my to participate in the race, Hubby would get his first race medal, and I wouldn't have to stress out the same way I would if I were running the half.

Leading up to the race, I had some moments when I regretted only signing up for the 5k. I was still beating myself up for my anxiety, even though I knew that it was counterproductive. I'm still working to go easier on myself--I know that I need to cut myself the same slack that I'd cut others.

Anyway, Hubby and I made it to race day, agreeing to run the race together, and to have fun with it. It was a perfect fall morning for a race! A little chilly, but clear and dry, with perfect Indiana fall foliage. We paced ourselves well, and managed a decent kick at the end, and I was really pleased with how we did. I thought we did well, but I wasn't expecting anything special from the race. Imagine my surprise, when Hubby and I went to get our results, and they said "Congratulations!" and handed me this mug:
That't right! I took first in my age group! (Okay, I only took first because the first and second women in my age group were actually the first and third women finishers overall, but it was still an amazing feeling!)

I don't think I've ever been more proud of a race. It was an emotional race for me, for many reasons, but I pushed myself and made it through. We both ran well, and the result was so rewarding! I've been working really hard this year, and I've come in third, second, and now first in my age group in 5ks. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm taking back races! It means a lot to me that my first place finish was at this race, since it's such a significant race to me, and I can't wait to keep working!

I know it's been a while since I updated you on my resolution progress, but I'm proud to report that I should be able to make my goal this year!! As of today, I've run 470.1 miles this year! I only have to run 30 miles by the end of the year to make it to 500 miles for the year, and I know I can make that! Obviously, I'm not going to stop right at 500, but it's nice to know that I'll be able to hit my mileage goal for the year.

Okay, this was a running-heavy post. I'll update on the babies later, but here's their Halloween picture, to tide you over in the meantime:
My little Minions!