Friday, April 3, 2015

My Barfiest Time of Year

We're all very glad to see the tail end of March! Apparently, March in our family means stomach bug season. This is the second year in a row that we've all caught the pukes (or the poops) in March, and it's no fun at all! By now, the bug has made the rounds through everyone in the house (except the dog), and Hubby and I are exhausted from more than one night of interrupted sleep.

After Hubby and I were both declared nuclear on Tuesday, the in-laws (also known as Sasha and Papa) stepped in yesterday, whisking the Things away to stay at their house while mommy and daddy recuperated. Hubby and I would have enjoyed our time alone in our home, if we weren't so sick that we couldn't do anything but lay in bed and groan pathetically. Fortunately, that night really helped us get back on our feet, and our heads out of the toilet, so we were all back together again the next day.

Now the house has been decontaminated, and we're fervently hoping that's the only round of the bug we have to suffer though. It may have been a super effective way to lose weight for the wedding we're attending this weekend, but it's certainly not the method I would have chosen!

Sadly, that means most other activities were put on hold for several days, so I'm still not at 100 miles for the year. Not to worry, though! I know I'll get out lots as the weather continues to get better!

Also, no cute pictures this week, because what's cute about violent vomiting?

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