Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Fridays!

At my office, we have this wonderful thing called "Summer Fridays." It's that wonderful part of the year when we don't have any shows going on, and things get a little more quiet around the theatre. I've come to love Fridays over the summer here, because it means we get half days! It almost feels like being on summer break, when we get to start our weekends early!

This year, I spent so much time worrying about whether or not I'd have enough vacation time, (thanks, maternity leave, for putting a dent in my time!) that I was stingy when it came to taking days off. Without my realizing it, I've reached the end of my vacation year, and I'm faced with 2 days that I need to use by the end of the month! How did that happen?!? So, without intending to, my Summer Fridays have taken on a whole new meaning! Starting today, I'm working four days a week, and taking Fridays off. For the rest of the month.

Obviously, I'm very excited!

This year has gone by so fast--I still can't believe that the Things will be ONE next month! This time last year, I was roughly the size (and shape) of an elephant, spending most of my time in bed, since I couldn't do anything. Now, I have two beautiful, happy (almost) 11-month-olds, and there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I think we should. I'm planning on taking my long weekends this month, and getting back
Beautiful, smart, and very curious!
some of my time! Snuggle time, play time, running time, sleeping time... It's going to be great!

I'm starting things off right with a trip to see my family this. Hopefully, the weather will behave enough that we can take the babies to Holliday Park. My sister and I spend lots of time there when we were younger (I still remember going there the day the playground opened!), and I can't wait to see my kids playing there too! They love the swings, but we haven't tried any other playground equipment yet. I'm curious to see how that goes.

And now, have some pictures of my beautiful babies!

Daddy makes me laugh!

Daddy makes me FLY!

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