Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day

Apparently, today is National Sibling Day! Up until last year, I had absolutely no idea that this day existed, but when I started seeing posts on Facebook about it, I thought it was too big a coincidence to ignore. Hubby and I had been looking for a time to go public with our news about the Things, and National Sibling Day seemed like the perfect time! After all, our babies would have instant siblings! We put together a quick little announcement, and then we were finally Facebook official!
In other news, the Things are 7 months old today! It's really crazy to think that one year ago today, we were telling (almost) everyone we know the big news, and today our babies are 7 months old. They've really changed a lot in the past few weeks, and it's incredible to watch them grow and learn new things every day. They're both rolling all over the place (it's Thing 1's preferred mode of transportation), and doing a good job sitting up, and this morning it looked like Thing 2 is giving some serious thought to crawling. These are some busy babies!

Aren't we cute?
And, what have I been up to? I'm working on getting my mileage up to a good base level before I start training for the half marathon. I've got plenty of time before I need to start, so it's nice to be able to relax and enjoy myself and add distance gradually. I've also run a 5k as my long run the past two weekends, and they have felt great!!! I'm still slow, but I think I'm getting stronger and faster every week! And, we've officially ordered our running stroller, so Hubby and I are both really excited to start bringing the Things on runs with us!

It's such a relief to think that maybe we're finally seeing the end of winter. I'm really starting to have fun on my runs, and I know the weather is a big part of that. I can't wait for spring to really hit us, so we can finally take the things outside and have some real adventures with them!

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