Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I had every intention of posting last week, but things got really busy (and barfy), so that just didn't happen.

The past week plus has been been pretty amazing (mostly). March 7th was our 5th anniversary. I can't believe it's already been 5 years since Hubby and I tied the knot, but so much has happened (especially in the past year), that it also sometimes feels like a lot longer. We didn't celebrate our anniversary the same way we used to, but we still had a good time! We both took the afternoon off from work, and went out to lunch and a movie together, then packed up the Things and drove to visit my family for the weekend.

This was their second trip, and I think they did pretty well! They were completely adorable on Saturday, when we celebrated GG's (my grandmother) birthday. They cuddled anyone and everyone, and even slept pretty well. Then Saturday night rolled around, and Thing 2 woke up crying. We went in to check on her, and she'd thrown up, and was throwing up more as we held her (real throwing up, not baby spit up). It was pretty terrifying to see her obviously suffering and struggling, so we moved her down to be with us, and called the pediatrician on call at our doctor's office. She told us there was a stomach virus going around, and told us what to do and what to watch out for, so we were able to let Thing 2 sleep eventually, and get some rest ourselves. (It turns out Thing 1 got the other end of the virus...that was a fun surprise the next morning...) The babies were pretty much back to themselves Sunday morning, so we were able to head home happy after a great visit. Sunday night, I had my turn with the bug (and so did my parents and sister). Let's just say the babies are GREAT at sharing, and leave it at that.

We love GG!
Monday, the Things turned 6 months!!!!! Yikes! To celebrate, we took them to the doctor and let them get poked with needles! Other than being pissed off about the shots, they're completely perfect, but I already knew that! They're both big enough that they don't need to be on an adjusted age chart anymore, which is a couple of months ahead of schedule, and the doctor is thrilled with their progress. Yay for healthy babies!

So big!
The rest of the week was a whirlwind of St. Patrick's Day concerts (I'm in an Irish choir), preparations for our next opening night at work, followed by the event itself, and recovering from my lovely stomach bug (thanks for that, babies). Oh, and watching Thing 1 learn how to roll over! That was pretty awesome, I have to admit! Though, now he'll sometimes roll over in his sleep and wind up on his tummy, or migrate and end up with his feet through the bars of his crib...he's a talented one!

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