Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Summer Full of Changes

Happy Fall!

Things have been busy over here (and so have the Things, for that matter!):

  • My sister-in-law got married (Yay!)
    Cutest ring bearer and flower girl EVER!
  • The Things turned TWO (Really!?!? But, also Yay!)
    Yay, birthday cake!
  • I started a new job (more Yay!)
  • We got lots of family visits in (super Yay!)
    Botanic Garden, parks, the Lake, you name it, we did it!
  • We all (including Mischa) ran a 5k together (Yay again!)
    Who knew, all Mischa needed was a little competition to turn into a speed demon!
Fancy family picture!
I'm sure there's a lot more, but those are the highlights. With everything going on, I totally let myself fall behind over here, but hopefully this fall will give me a chance to catch up again.

As an update: Thing 1's new favorite thing is the miniature pumpkin he saw in the grocery store. If he's awake, he needs to have the pumpkin to be happy. Thing 2 loves to sing, and is picking up the words to her favorite songs. She may not always get the tune right, but she'll give it her best shot! They're both very active, and talking a LOT (most of the time, we can even understand what they're saying!).

While you wait for the next update, enjoy the cute pictures! We've been up to a lot, so rest assured: there are more where these came from! I swear, these kids are getting cuter every day!
We prefer pretending to eat squash to actually eating squash!

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